The evolution of q.beyond ibérica has been an exciting journey that began with a powerful union, consolidated with our expertise in Cloud technologies, and continues with our global expansion.

Our story

The Foundations of a Powerful Union

In the first chapter of our journey, q.beyond ibérica and WATA Factory joined forces to form an unprecedented strategic alliance.

It was the moment when our foundations took shape, laying the groundwork for what would become a Center of Excellence in Cloud technologies and customized digital solutions for clients throughout Germany.

  • Growing Together: The collaboration between q.beyond and WATA Factory teams resulted in a global focus that transcends borders and opens new horizons.
  • The Merger: The merger of q.beyond and WATA Factory marked the beginning of a promising path towards excellence in Cloud technologies.
Our present

Leading the Digital Transformation

In the next stage of our evolution, q.beyond ibérica solidified its position as a leader in the Cloud technology market and emerged as a driving force behind digital transformation.

Our specialization in leading platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services positioned us as a strategic partner for forward-thinking enterprises.

  • Certifications and Quality: Our commitment to excellence led us to obtain relevant certifications in Cloud technologies.
  • Global Reach: With successful presence in Spain and Latvia, q.beyond ibérica expanded its international horizons, strengthening our global presence and expanding our capabilities to collaborate on large-scale projects.
Our space

Our dynamic European landscape

From the spirited city of Riga to the heart of innovation in Germany, and the enchanting charm of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, our story is one of growth and boundless horizons. But consider this just the opening chapter, for our narrative of expansion is in full swing, brimming with untapped potential.

Step into our modern offices in Jerez, where transparency isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Here, collaborative sparks ignite creativity, and innovation thrives in every corner. With q.beyond ibérica, we’re not just crafting the present; we’re architecting the future. This is more than a location; it’s the starting point of a remarkable adventure, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

The management of q.beyond ibérica

Our team

Eda Zeynep Avsar

Human Resources

Sönke Eschke

Director of Cloud Solutions Division

Artur Heidt

Managing Director
The Unique Perks of Being Part of Our Team

Why You'll Thrive in Our Innovative Work Environment

Professional Growth Opportunities

Our relentless pursuit of quality ensures that our solutions and services meet the highest standards.

Cultural Haven in Jerez de la Frontera

We explore new technologies and ideas to stay ahead of the curve and offer you solutions that drive your success.

Flexible Work Environment

We embrace feedback, learn from every experience, and strive to enhance our offerings continuously.


Our skilled team loves pushing boundaries and turning challenges into opportunities for your business.

Innovation and Technical Challenges

Our skilled team loves pushing boundaries and turning challenges into opportunities for your business.

Technical Support

Our skilled team loves pushing boundaries and turning challenges into opportunities for your business.

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