El Diario de Jerez echoes our first anniversary

El Diario de Jerez covers the news of the celebration of the first year of q.beyond ibérica.
q.beyond ibérica


Diario de Jerez

We would like to thank El Diario de Jerez for spreading the word about q.beyond ibérica`s first anniversary. We are thrilled that our story has resonated with the Jerez community and we have very ambitious goals for the coming year, both locally and internationally.

As the media reports, the anniversary we are celebrating not only marks a year of remarkable achievements, but also reaffirms the continued commitment of q.beyond iberica to expand its influence in providing employment opportunities. Our dedication to vocational training and local employment generation is a fundamental aspect of our vision, aimed at nurturing and supporting emerging talent in the region.

Looking ahead, we are focused on further expanding our educational and employment impact. We are committed to continue to support Vocational Education and Training and to offer job opportunities to nurture emerging talent in the region. We strongly believe in the potential of the city and are committed to contribute positively to its technological growth.

Once again, we thank Diario de Jerez for sharing and supporting our story, backing our efforts to make Jerez a technological epicentre. To read the full article, we invite you to click here.

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