q.beyond ibérica celebrates its first anniversary in Jerez de la Frontera with technological advances and a promising educational approach.

q.beyond ibérica


first anniversary of q.beyond ibérica in Jerez de la Frontera
  • The company q.beyond ibérica is celebrating its first anniversary since its establishment on 27 December 2022 in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • During this year, it has imported cutting-edge knowledge and technology from Germany in collaboration with WATA Factory.
  • For the upcoming year, the company will focus on expanding its educational impact and offering job opportunities through Vocational Training (VET).

Jerez de la Frontera – 27 December 2023

q.beyond ibérica, the Spanish subsidiary that originated from the collaboration between the German company q.beyond and WATA Factory, is celebrating its first anniversary since its foundation in Jerez de la Frontera at the end of 2022. Since its inception, q.beyond ibérica has been committed to importing know-how and cutting-edge technologies from Germany, thus establishing a strong pillar of technological innovation in the region.

During this first year, q.beyond ibérica has distinguished itself by bringing to southern Spain the knowledge and cutting-edge methodologies of Germany, becoming a Centre of Excellence in cloud technologies and digital solutions. This achievement has been fundamental for its growth and recognition in the technology sector.

With an eye on the future, q.beyond ibérica is focused on an ambitious expansion plan for the coming year. The company has a firm commitment to local growth and development, with the intention of expanding its team, providing job opportunities, especially for Vocational Training (VET) students, thus promoting the growth of technological talent from its formative stages.

q.beyond ibérica is the Spanish branch originating from the alliance between q.beyond and WATA Factory, with a strong presence in Europe and Spain. It specialises in providing advanced cloud solutions, SAP services, as well as software development and data analytics. Committed to technological evolution, it works tirelessly to drive the digital future, making a positive impact on the business community and empowering individuals to thrive in an ever-changing technological environment. Founded with a vision of excellence and progress, q.beyond ibérica has become a benchmark in innovation and development of customised technology solutions for its clients across Europe.


  • Eliezer López · Developer Relations
  • e.lopez@wata.es

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