Guide to migrating SAP to the cloud: step by step

This article marks the beginning of a series that will guide you through the process of migrating SAP to the cloud. Each post will cover a specific day, from the initial planning to the practical implementation of virtual machines.
Daniel Buenestado


In the broad landscape transitioning SAP workloads to the cloud, numerous resources dissect the benefits, architectural intricacies, and best practices. However, amid the plethora of complex discussions, my aim with this series is to offer a streamlined roadmap. I’ll provide concise guidance, checklists, and relevant links to navigate the pivotal “next steps” following your decision to embark on deploying your inaugural SAP system in the cloud. This guidance is based on the experience gained from our work at q.beyond ibérica with clients, as well as our collaboration as Microsoft Azure partners.

At q.beyond ibérica, we are Microsoft Azure partners and adept in the realm of cloud computing. The concepts shared here are based on my experience as a lead architect working with SME clients at q.beyond ibérica. However, it’s essential to note that what’s outlined here only represents a fraction of the exhaustive work involved in a cloud migration. This process typically requires meticulous requirement analysis, expert guidance, and ongoing client involvement.

This article is organized into “typical working days,” recognizing that individual timelines may vary. Once prerequisites are met and the architecture clarified—especially with the utilization of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)—cloud server deployment becomes expedited. The intent here is to lay the groundwork for infrastructure, leaving the specifics of SAP installation for subsequent discussions.

The following sections, each slated for separate posts, will progressively guide you through the process:

This article signals the start of a series where I’ll guide you through typical workdays in implementing an SAP system in the cloud. Each entry will meticulously explore one of these days, sharing challenges, lessons, and crucial tips. As we embark on this series, envisioning your SAP journey in the cloud, remember: the path may diverge, timelines may fluctuate, yet the essence remains constant.

Join us on this journey and stay tuned for upcoming posts as we continue to learn and grow together!

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