q.beyond ibérica attends the All Hands event: connections, learning, and celebration

On the 14th and 15th of December, the q.beyond Ibérica team relocated to the offices of WATA Factory, our strategic partner in the Spanish territory, to participate in their renowned All Hands event.
q.beyond ibérica


All Hands

During these days, we had the privilege of hosting Carla Urrea Stabile, a software engineer and Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0 by Okta, who guided us through an exciting journey into the universe of Ruby on Rails.

The day commenced with an exquisite Romanian breakfast that awakened our senses with a fascinating variety of flavors. We delved into a wide range of pâtés, jams, and smoked dishes, experiencing the culinary richness of Romania.

All Hands

Following this, Carla Urrea initiated her session, “Introduction to Ruby on Rails,” unraveling project structures in this environment and offering us the opportunity to create a real-time demo application.

All Hands

Eager to learn more, we engaged in her keynote, “Implementing Authentication and Authorization in a Ruby on Rails web application with Auth0.” Carla delved into the importance of authentication and authorization in safeguarding security and privacy in Ruby on Rails applications.

All Hands

Simultaneously, a part of our team gathered in a separate area to record material for the commemorative promotional video marking the first year of q.beyond ibérica. This audiovisual project aims to share our achievements with clients, collaborators, and the community at large, celebrating the progress and contribution of q.beyond ibérica in its first year of operations in southern Spain.

After feeding our minds, a Christmas lunch awaited to nourish our bodies, providing the perfect setting for morning ideas and knowledge to flow naturally among all colleagues. Later, we celebrated the holiday season together as a team.

The following day, after a fulfilling Andalusian breakfast, it was time for the new team members to introduce themselves to the rest of the colleagues.

All Hands

Next, we immersed ourselves in WATA Factory’s annual analysis. Guided by Germán, we reviewed successes, achievements, and areas for improvement, gaining a detailed insight into the company’s progress.

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All Hands

At that moment, we were surprised by the unexpected appearance of the Three Wise Men, who added a special spark to the Secret Santa gift exchange, making the gift-giving even more magical and authentic.

All Hands

After a brief coffee break, we continued with departmental strategic meetings, merging ideas and approaches to drive our joint projects forward.

All Hands
All Hands

Led by Germán, we evaluated q.beyond ibérica’s progress during our first year in operation. This in-depth analysis identified how leading methodologies from Germany have effectively adapted to the Spanish market’s environment and needs. This achievement highlights not only excellence in strategy execution but also how q.beyond ibérica has integrated into the region, leveraging international practices to benefit the local community and its collaborators.

The afternoon concluded with a well-deserved lunch at Mesón Suárez, a traditional spot to enjoy local cuisine. The day ended with a closing session where we shared reflections—and Roscón de Reyes—before bidding farewell.

All Hands

In summary, participating in the December 2023 All Hands was a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow as a team. We’re grateful to WATA Factory for the opportunity and eagerly look forward to next year’s All Hands event.

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