The Spanish q.beyond ibérica team attends the Sommerfest in Hamburg.

q.beyond ibérica travels to Hamburg to join our German colleagues in celebrating the famous "Sommerfest".
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A few days ago, the Spanish q.beyond ibérica team travelled to Hamburg to join our German colleagues in celebrating the famous “Sommerfest”. Since its inception, this Summer Festival has been a meeting point for networking, enjoying together as a team and fostering strong communication. All this made it the perfect setting to create and strengthen ties with our German colleagues.


In order to add an Iberian touch to the Sommerfest, the Spanish team of q.beyond ibérica arrived with Cordobesian hats, polka dot scarves, personalised fans and much more. Our presence was noticed and it was an honour to bring a spark of Spanish culture to the event.


One of the great moments was the raffle we organised. During the festival, the participants took pictures of themselves with Polaroid cameras which we then numbered and raffled them off. This activity was very well received, generating participation among the attendees. The three winners of the raffle took home premium Iberian gastronomy products: Iberian ham for the first winner, an assortment of wines from Jerez de la Frontera and a pack of cheeses from Cádiz, representing the best of our culinary culture.


Interculturality and growth since its foundation

After more than a year since the creation of q.beyond ibérica, we can proudly say that our ability to work efficiently with our German colleagues has been a success. We have exchanged processes, methodologies and, most importantly, developed a deep understanding of cloud technologies. This collaboration, which was born out of the union between WATA Factory, a German software consultancy based in Spain, and q.beyond, a leading provider of digitisation services in Germany, has overcome numerous challenges. We have navigated differences in culture and work approaches, adapting to remote working and communicating in English, a non-native language for many of us.

The links we have forged in Hamburg not only allow us to tackle projects with greater cohesion and efficiency, but also prepare us to face the challenges of the future together. This sense of togetherness ensures better collaboration for both sides, opening up a range of opportunities to innovate and lead in the field of digitalisation.


All in all, participating in the Sommerfest allowed us to learn from each other, create networks and strategically plan our future. It was a fun and enriching experience that further strengthened our collaboration and partnership with the German team.

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